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Weddings with KDG

Prior to your wedding day, you and I will work together to produce a photographic plan that will meet your style and needs. What is your idea? Do you have a favourite place, sport, activity, or theme that you’d like to incorporate? I’m all ears!

Generally, the day consists of a mixture of organized, formal, and candid photography.

Getting ready photos will include both candids and organized (or gently posed) images.

Organized photograpy includes the photo session with the bride & groom, and bridal party in one or more locations as time permits. This is the time to really get creative, let the personalities of you and your bridal party shine. Lets have some fun!  I also like to find a time to “disappear” with just the bride and groom, at some point in the day.   My couples love being able to take some time to breath and just be together – a private portrait session provides the perfect opportunity to create some intimate images in a relaxed atmosphere.

Candid sessions occur during the ceremony and reception. During the ceremony, I (and my assistant) endeavour to be inconspicious. However, in order to get shots from every angle, and capture key moments, we must move around to some degree. If your venue prohibits such activity, we may need to “recreate” key moments after the ceremony.

Formal sessions include family groups and are usually completed immediately following the ceremony. My style is contemporary and I like to organize family groups with a creative flair where possible.

During the reception, we will generally fade into the background – but there will be times when a little prompting or gentle posing will make the difference between a quick candid and a beautiful photograph.
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I am an enthusiastic photographer and always have a plan for our sessions; but, I love to take advantage of moments as they arise – and they do arise. Guaranteed. It is those unexpected moments that will create  your cherished memories for years to come.